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This week we kicked off our month-long series on privacy issues in regulated industries with abreakdown of major privacy issues across education, energy, health and cities. We’ll host all of the articles on this dedicated page, so check back frequently as more experts and startups weigh in throughout November.

Additionally, we have some exciting member news. 1776 startup, Piper, has been selected out of thousands of startups to represent the USA in the global Startup Nations 2014 competition in South Korea. Online voting accounts for one-third of the overall judging process for this competition, and Piper could use your help. Just click here, register quickly via Google or Facebook (nothing will be auto-posted on your behalf when you register), check a few boxes and vote for Piper!

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Breaking Down the Data: A Look at the Future of Privacy in Regulated Industries
By Melissa Steffan, Assistant Editor, 1776
We're in the Wild West of data—and there are very few regulations. Read More >>


How MOOCs Legitimized Online Education
By Jeffrey Selingo

For better or worse, MOOCs have changed the way we look at online education. Read more >>

What We Read This Week: Education Trends & News from around the Web


Weekly Trend: How the Blue LED Will Spark Technological Transformations in the 21st Century
By Carolyn Peyser
The humble LED is revolutionizing the way we illuminate spaces. Read more >>

What We Read This Week: Energy Trends & News from around the Web


Weekly Trend: The Pros and Cons of Big Data in Healthcare
By Kate Tracy
How do you maintain a level of privacy for patients when their life-saving information?

What We Read This Week: Health Trends & News from Around the Web


Starting Up Down Under: Sydney’s Startups Have Global Ambition
By Melissa Steffan
There has never been a better time to be an Australian entrepreneur. Here's why. 

What We Read This Week: Smart City Trends & News from Around the Web

Challenge Cup

3 Trends from Toronto's Challenge Cup: Utilities 2.0, Informal Learning and Medical Devices
By Dena Levitz
Toronto's startups differed a bit from their counterparts in D.C. and Chicago. Read more >>

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Events @ 1776

November 11 - Challenge Cup Sydney
Meet startups changing the world compete in Sydney! - RSVP >>

November 11 - Online and Hybrid: The Future of Learning Anytime, Anywhere
An inside look into what is next for higher education, and to celebrate the release of Jeff Selingo’s new book, MOOC U: Who is Getting the Most Out of Online Education and Why. - RSVP >>

November 12 - 13 - National Education Week's Thought Leadership Summit
Join this two-day event that brings together many of the people who shape and define trends at all levels of public and private education. For a 20% 1776 discount, use the promo code "Association"  - RSVP >>

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General Assembly @ 1776

November 12 @ 6:30 p.m.
Bring Your E-Commerce Product Idea to Concept - RSVP >>

November 15 - November 16
Wordpress Bootcamp -  Build a Website with Wordpress - RSVP >>

November 23 @ 11 a.m.
Python for Data Science - RSVP >>

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