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Before we jump into this week, I want to look ahead to November. Starting next week we’ll be featuring an entire series on privacy across regulated industries. We will kick off Monday with a long-form overview, and then dive into specific issues throughout the month, with expert contributors writing on topics ranging from startup data collection to what millennials expect when it comes to privacy. 


Now, a look back: This week we were in Chicago​ for the Challenge Cup, and we saw some really interesting trends, which you can read about in our analysis. In addition, I was able to discuss the recently introduced D.C. High Technology Investment Authority Act with Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie about how it will affect the city and its entrepreneurs. 


Morgan Gress

Editor, 1776



How to Redeem Innovation in Education
By Matthew Muench, Program Officer, The Joyce Foundation
Innovation is losing its shine—but entrepreneurs can help bring it back. 


Launching a Startup That Outpaces Sharks
By Jacqueline Edelberg, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Youtopia
Business savvy do-gooders are not created in a vacuum. Read More >>

What We Read This Week: Education Trends & News from around the Web


Weekly Trend: Lockheed Martin Ushers in Nuclear Era with Fusion Reactor Announcement
By Kate Tracy
Has the world seen a breakthrough in clean energy? 

What We Read This Week: Energy Trends & News from around the Web


Winner Spotlight: 1EQ Employs Connective Tech to Improve Care of Pregnant Patients
By Dena Levitz
"It doesn’t just protect the patient; it improves how the doctor practices medicine." Read more >>

What We Read This Week: Health Trends & News from Around the Web


The Transportation Revolution Is Back: Find Your Way
By Sabrina Sussman, VP for Membership & Development, ITS America
Multiple travel options for individuals open a new era for transportation. 

What We Read This Week: Smart City Trends & News from Around the Web

Challenge Cup

Toronto Startups Capitalize on Universities, Try to Convince Corporations to Become Early Customers
By Dena Levitz
Toronto's strengths,weaknesses, and future challenges.
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November 5 - Challenge Cup Toronto
Come see startups changing the world compete in Toronto! - RSVP >>

November 7 - Aging2.0
An overview of recent developments at Aging2.0 and the Academy startup program, an interdisciplinary panel on “investing in 50+” and pitches from local startups. - RSVP >>

November 11 - Online and Hybrid: The Future of Learning Anytime, Anywhere
Join a special event about unlocking the future of higher education - RSVP >>

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November 4 @ 7 p.m.
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November 10 @ 6 p.m.
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November 13 @ 6:30 p.m.
Front-End Web Development Info Session - RSVP >>

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