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Two must-read articles this week are Michael Vidikan's article on how privacy attitudes impact companies large and small, as well as 1776 startup member Emmy Harbo's perspective on how much your privacy is really worth.


In Challenge Cup news, we just wrapped up in New York City and are headed out to Tel Aviv and Amman next. Don't forget to see if we're coming to your city in the next several months -- we'd love to see you!


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How Privacy Attitudes Impact Companies
By Michael Vidikan, CEO, Future in Focus
Why privacy concerns and security breaches are causing some companies' reputations and revenues to suffer. 


Weekly Trend: Redefining the Four-Year University for the “Full-Time Life
By Nicole Tanoue
Could a competency-based education system resolve the issue of student loans? Read more >>

What We Read This Week: Education Trends & News from around the Web


How Opower’s “Privacy By Design” Principles Set It Apart from Competitors
By Melissa Steffan, Assistant Editor, 1776
The inside scoop on the company's strategy to win customers' trust. Read more >>

What We Read This Week: Energy Trends & News from around the Web


Weekly Trend: Will Wearables Take Over Doctors’ Offices?
By Maria Helena Carey
It comes down to one thing: Wearables have to work. Read more >>

What We Read This Week: Health Trends & News from Around the Web


What Is Your Privacy Worth?
By Emmy Harbo, Principal, Darkhorse Geospatial
"You could unplug your devices from the Internet and move to a cabin deep in the woods. Or, sell your data."

What We Read This Week: Smart City Trends & News from Around the Web

Challenge Cup

4 Trends from New York City’s Challenge Cup: Alternative Energy, Assessment Made Easier and More
By Dena Levitz
1776 Challenge Cup played host to a slightly different class of entrepreneurs. Read more >> 

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December 4 - Challenge Cup Tel Aviv
Meet startups changing the world as they compete in Tel Aviv, Israel. - RSVP >>

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