Today, our green walls help to alleviate urban heat island effects, reduce noise and improve air quality. However, this design can be found to be detrimental to airflow and it does not use air to improve air now. Therefore, we must consider the characteristics of the factory and the correct principle of fluid mechanics design. The air can flow through the green wall by inhalation to achieve the function of beautifying and purifying the air. And we will put active living wall module indoors, because many studies have shown that people spends to 80% to 90% of the time to stay indoor. Researchers believe that indoor air quality is closely related to people's health. It also meets WELL building standards. And there are also studies that indicate that plants in the classroom can increase the attention of school children. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to use fluid mechanics to design a new green wall for air purification and beautify the environment and promote air quality to create a better living environment. This study placed the active living wall module and the wooden core board together in a transparent acrylic box. After the veneer volatilizes volatile organic substances such as formaldehyde, the module is activated to cause the volatilized gas to pass through the pores below the leaves of the plant as the gas flows. It is also measured whether the concentration of the organic substance before and after passing is effectively changed after passing through the plant. At the same time, the relationship between the wind speed and the stomata of Baihejing is obtained experimentally, and the best photosynthesis efficiency can be obtained. This study found that the pumping mode removed 33% more formaldehyde than the non-exhausted mode. For this study, when 10.5 V (0.6 m/s) is given, there is an optimum photosynthesis efficiency between the wind speed and the planting pores, so the test will be tested at 0.6 m/s. We have found that active living wall module achieve increased efficiency in reducing pollutants. There is another experiment in this study to compare the active living wall modules with the commercially available air purifier. We evaluated the purification of formaldehyde and carbon dioxide, and the price and energy consumption etc. We found that this active living wall modules and commercial air purifier have the same ability of purification. However, there are still many issues in this research that have not been discussed in the future, so it will be more in-depth experiments and research, and also to develop a with the technology of low energy consumption, low pollution, low cost and good aesthetics, the active living wall module goal of reducing indoor air pollution is advanced.