Many people have a favorite method to pursue for extending healthspan and longevity. However, it is important to take a step back and understand the big picture. Instead of backing a single strategy, we can ask why everyone believes what they believe, what evidence do they have access to, and what information are they missing. This report is an initial stab at unifying the field of longevity to cover as many different avenues as possible. Some of the methods may be unconventional, or flat out wrong. If they are, we believe it is important to understand why they are wrong instead of simply dismissing them as unworthy of study. As this is the first iteration of this report, there are many sections which are underdeveloped. We invite feedback and collaboration to populate this scaffold by refining the sections that currently exist as well as adding sections that may have been left out. Each section in this report was included independent of any preexisting frameworks. To that end, some of these methods exist outside of the hallmarks/pillars or other such paradigms of categorizing aging. The categorization of this report focuses on organizing ideas by solutions rather than problems - more of a semantic difference and one which may or may not be better than the existing system.