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This week we had the chance to talk to Representative Suzan DelBene on how policymakers and entrepreneurs can learn from one another; you can read our Q&A with her here. Meanwhile, our Challenge Cup reporting fellow, Dena Levitz, also took the opportunity in her break between cities to examine some of the similarities and differences in how startup communities across the world attract talent.


Aside from Challenge Cup events in Nairobi and Bangalore next week, we have a number of great events coming up in D.C.—be sure to jump down to our events section and RSVP to join us! 

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Morgan Gress
Editor, 1776



Q&A: How Rep. DelBene Bridges the Gap Between Policymakers & Entrepreneurs
By Morgan Gress, Editor, 1776
Policy really does affect entrepreneurs in more ways than you thought. 


Weekly Trend: Revamped GED Presents Opportunities for Startups
By Eryn Gable
Whether creating support solutions or alternatives to the test altogether, startups can help. 

What We Read This Week: Education Trends & News from around the Web


Weekly Trend: Solar Jobs Forcast is Positive, In Spite of Investors' Concerns
By Melissa Steffan, Assistant Editor, 1776
Solar is catching up to traditional energy industries when it comes to jobs - 

What We Read This Week: Energy Trends & News from around the Web


What I'd Like to See in 2015: More Data in the Hands of Individuals
By Maya Uppaluru
We have made huge strides when it comes to health data, but not necessarily for the individuals it affects. - Read more >>

What We Read This Week: Health Trends & News from Around the Web


Q&A: Why do Innovative Payment Systems Matter? NetHope's Hamilton McNutt Explains
By Vera Chernova
The mobile payments hype did not start with Apple Pay. Read More >>

What We Read This Week: City Trends & News from Around the Web

Challenge Cup

Kenya's Mobile Payments 'Secret Sauce' is Turning Nairobi into the Silicon Savanah
By Dena Levitz, Reporting Fellow
Startups are changing the business landscape from NGO to Series A in Kenya. 
Read more >> 

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Events @ 1776

January 27 - Challenge Cup Nairobi
Join us for the next city in our Challenge Cup competition - RSVP >>

February 5 - The Information Explosion: A Fireside Chat with Stefan Weitz, Bing
Meet the man behind Bing to hear about what's next in search engines and his new book. - RSVP >>

February 11 - Digital Aid: Lessons Learned from the Ebola Crisis
Learn how the inernational health community is harnessing the power of technology. - RSVP >>

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General Assembly @ 1776

January 26 @ 6:30 p.m.
Digital Marketing for Everyone - RSVP >>

January 28 @ 6:30 p.m.
Growth Hacking for Startups - RSVP >>

January 28 @ 6:30 p.m.
Mobile Development Info Session - RSVP >>

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