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It was a short week for 1776, but we still have so many great articles for you to read over the weekend! In particular, our Challenge Cup reporter Dena Levitz wrote a great overview of the Tel Aviv startup scene. We're heading to Tel Aviv next week for the Challenge Cup, so stay tuned for more coverage. 


We’ve also been looking at President Barack Obama's energy and environment pushes in relation to startups, including this week's article on the Keystone XL pipeline


As always, send us your thoughts and feedback to editor@1776dc.com, and for our U.S. readers, we hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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Tel Aviv’s Risk-Friendly Culture and High Number of Startups Per Capita Has the Army To Thank
By Dena Levitz
"It's a society that embraces failure." 


Weekly Trend: Why the White House Wants More Technology in Schools
By Kate Tracy
Technology doesn’t itself transform learning; it’s how you use it as a tool. 

What We Read This Week: Education Trends & News from around the Web


Weekly Trend: Clean Energy Advances Make Keystone XL 'Less Relevant'
By Katie Thompson
Good news for clean energy startups working toward sustainable technologies. Read more >>

What We Read This Week: Energy Trends & News from around the Web


Weekly Trend: Push for New Data Could Increase EHR Interface Innovation
By Carolyn Peyser
The push for increasing use of electronic health records has been met with a significant amount of criticism. Read more >>

What We Read This Week: Health Trends & News from Around the Web


Weekly Trend: What Role Will Startups Play in India’s ’100 Smart Cities’ Initiative?
By Emily J. Brown
Yet startups have led the creation of smart city technology worldwide; their role should not be underestimated as India pushes toward innovation. 

What We Read This Week: Smart City Trends & News from Around the Web

Challenge Cup

Winner Spotlight: Bandwagon Tackles Ridesharing By Letting Passengers Split Taxis
By Dena Levitz
Bandwagon innovates within the taxi industry instead of disrupting taxicab companies. Read more >> 

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